Fran, sometime in the 1950s.

Fran at two months with her mother

Franny and Theodora, 1937 or 1938

Sisters in costume, 1930s

Fran and Blackboard

Fran, about 14, and Nugget ("Taking care of the horse saved my life."), Van Nuys

Franny with her own horse at last! Northridge 1947 or 1948.

Fran and sister Jean with ducklings and Easter eggs, North Hollywood, 1945ish.

Fran with Clare, June Lake, 1948 or 1949

leaving Yosemite, September 3, 1949

Back to school, September, 1949.

Hollywood, 1951

Hiking Club, Kelleys Camp Hike, May 1951

Hiking Club at Reyes Peak, March 1951

Fran and Monte, Coxcombs, February, 1954.

Hiking Club Party, 1952 or 1953

Hiking Club, 1953 or 1954

Hiking Club, Glen Canyon, April 1954

Hiking Club, Glen Canyon, back of photo

Sisters on bikes, September 1955

Sisters riding bikes

September 1955

on Mt. Whitney, 1956

Fran as an au pair with Sophie, near St. Tropez, 1958.

opening gifts with Natasha

Christmas, 1963

Tassajara day off, 1969

Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Fall 1970 or Spring 1971

Fran and (nephew) Dan being silly

at her sister's, Los Angeles

With Ken Norris, Carmel River, 1973.

Carmel River Beach, making fire for a picnic with (sister) Jean and (nephew) Dan, June 1974.

Fran and (nephew) Dan, Upper Carmel River, 1974.

Fran and (nephew) Dan, Pacific Grove, 1976

Cypress Point Trail, Point Lobos - Photo for Monterey Peninsula Herald, 1981

Heading to Alaska on the Ferry, 1976 or 1977

Finish line of No Race, Chews Ridge, April 30, 1988

with Begonias, September 1991

at Ridge Ave

with Dan in North Beach, 2010

With Kim and Dan, Crissy Field, 2010

Fran and Dan (nephew) at Crissy Field, 2010

With Molly at Ripplewood Resort, Big Sur, 2013

Big Sur, 2013

Big Sur, 2013

Dan, Molly, and Fran at Big Sur, 2013

At Crissy Field, September 2014

With Ida Rene and Maggie, November 2014