In Memory of Frances Thompson

Painter, friend, hiker, chef.
Conversationalist, biologist, naturalist.
Docent, birdwatcher, gardener.
Hostess, auntie, traveler, humorist.
Observer of nature, people, seasons, and life.
Student of Shunryu Suzuki, Roshi; Sotan Tatsuagami, Roshi; Alison Cameron Stilwell; & C.C. Wang.
Absolutely unique human being.


“Recently I wrote a list of the past teachers with whom I have been blessed during my life, and concluded that my work in life is to create a body of work that is a contribution to others, so that the time and love these teachers gave me would be passed on to others and not just end with myself. Kind of a present to the world in honor of my teachers’ efforts.”

– Fran Thompson, May 26, 1991